Colorful Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Your Sweet Home

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The people who like to enjoy the colorful kitchen decorating style can pick the combination of green and pink color. The natural kitchen décor now is in a good trend. People love to combine striking color to make it vibrant and bright. The combination of green and pink can present the vintage, retro, cottage and country look. There are many ways that you can do to make a vibrant look inside the colorful kitchen decorating style. The first thing that you should do is painting the cabinet with a new splash of color. You can make the kitchen more airy and light by repainting the old and dark cabinet with the combination of pink and green.

Colorful Kitchen in Pink and Green

If your kitchen looks small, you can use mint green or even sage green color on the cabinet. There is no need for you to paint the cabinet with dark and bold color since it can make the room appear smaller. You can combine both colors if you want a different look. For example, you can choose the light pink color on the cabinet door while the framework of the cabinet is colored in pink green. The door of the cabinet will look contrast if you can choose the bold green doorknob. Then you can decorate the kitchen with some ceramics and potteries located on the window, table, and countertop. The wall design will look plain if you do not use any decoration.

Colorful Kitchen in Pink

You can set a green beadboard wainscoting on the wall for interesting colorful kitchen. If you do not like to have the wall in bare accent, you can choose the faded cabbage wallpaper and pink roses wallpaper on the wall. If you love with creamy backdrop on the wall, you can accent it by using pink toile wallpaper. If you have a lot of China collection, you can display them on the wall. You just have to set a white rack on the wall. Then you can display the pink china along the green glass. You can also use the cloth napkin in pink color. What about the appliances in the kitchen decorating style? You can make it look fantastic by having some vintage appliances.

Pottery Barn Kitchen Color

You can shop for pink stove and fridge. The backsplash in colorful kitchen will be great if you can install a combination of green and pink tiles. It can represent the roses or even flower. Your cookware will look wonderful if you can match it with green and pink pepper shaker and vintage slate. The countertop should look exclusive this time. You can set the light pink countertop to match with light green color. The people who love with shabby chic style can choose the wooden table in light white. It can banish the boring look inside the pink and green colorful kitchen style and don’t forget to put a vase of wheatgrass on a table.

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